Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I don't cry. I eat...Chiwawa Mexican Food!

Is that a giant chili hanging from your ceiling...or you're just happy to see me? 
"Nacho Libre!!!
One can't really help it when one sees colourful wrestler masks hanging on the wall above a giant burritos menu. It's just natural to yell out Jack Black's character in the the 2006 movie about a man's dream of becoming a Luchador (Mexican Wrestler). But the guys at Chiwawa Mexican Food were cool about it as they waited patiently for my friend and I to take in the colourful atmosphere that was the little burrito parlour that had just opened a day ago in Jesselton Hotel. 
So many colours! where to look first??
I couldn't help but check out the walls of the place even though it's the corner of Bella Restaurant that used to be its private dining room. Clever and quirky, Chiwawa is what Mexican food is: rich, vibrant, colourful and fun. 

First you choose the size (of your wrap, not your wrestler mask haha). Then you move from one of the of the counter to pick your meats, your rice, sauces and veggies. Everything looked delicious and I, with the overambitious stomach, chose a 12 inch wrap and added some chicken and pineapple, yellow rice, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and a spicy sauce. 

Wrap it up, boys!
Eager to unwrap the goodies we bring our burritos outside to the colourful seating. As Chiwawa is on the corner of a junction I should remind myself to sit facing away from the traffic next time so that people can't see me stuffing my face!

Thank goodness I had the bright idea of teaming my burrito with watermelon juice!

Reasonably priced, quick and fun, Chiwawa provides a great little spot for Gaya Street workers who are bored of their mundane lunches without having to fork out heaps (if only I worked around here!). The food is definitely worth the price and the taste is definitely something different as KK hasn't seen much (or any?) Mexican food around- the tender meat and the Mexican sauces are definitely must-tries. The only comment I have is perhaps they should give paper plates for those dining there cos eating that burrito can definitely get quite messy!

Chiwawa Mexican Food is located at Jesselton Hotel on Gaya Street. Visit their Facebook page here for more info :)

Peace and Love,

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