Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shanghai Part V - Whampoa Club

Welcome to Part V of my Shanghai trip! Gosh it feels like this trip happened ages ago then I realise that I was only in the beautiful city just under 3 months ago! Anyways, if you have been following my Shanghai series you'd see that Chinese food probably wasn't on the menu a lot (besides xiao long bao) BUT I did have one dinner where Shanghainese food was the star of the night. I have to say I didn't only eat Shanghainese food in Shanghai. I ate it in style :)

If the movie "In the Mood for Love" were a restaurant it would be the Whampoa Club in Shanghai. This place oozes oriental sophistication and sexiness to the max and I hope my photos make you feel the sexinesssssss:

Of course for a sexy place like this you need to be located at one of the sexiest locations in Shanghai, i.e Three on The Bund so you have one of the sexiets views in town:
Food-wise I can't really comment too much as I don't consider myself an expert food critic at all (plus I bake more than I cook!). Being Chinese and already eating Chinese food since I was young I have acquired a particular taste especially being from East Malaysia so Shanghainese food to me is a little bit peculiar: Tasty without being too bland and slightly quirky. For example who would have thought that the combination of lotus roots and sticky rice would be so tasy??

Drunken Chicken- served very cold and tasty! Not bland but not too salty.
Black fungus with tasty sauce (a bit like hoisin sauce)
Lotus roots and sticky rice- YUM!

Wasabi fried prawns
I came here on my 2nd night so it was great to check out the view from The Bund and the lights along the river. I kept my eyes on the Aurora building for the next pic as in betwen stock market results and ads it also flashed this cute little message:
Cos' that's how I feel about Shanghai :)

Whampoa Club is located at Three on the Bund. For more information visit:

Totally missing Shanghai right now,
Daphne xoxo


  1. It's a stunning restaurant and as you say, very sexy too! Love the interior!