Sunday, July 31, 2011

I don't cry I Flying Fajita Sisters and San Churros


"All good things come to an end"- Such an unfortunate fact of life and it's a little sad when they Harry Potter movies. On a cold winter's night I embarked on my last journey to a Harry Potter movie - Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Part 2. For those who have grown up with Harry Potter it's probably an end of an era for them. For some like me who caught the Harry Potter fever during adult life it still feels a little bitter sweet.
It really felt like the last supper for me. My HP fanatic friend and I were pretty sad that this would be the last HP movie we see at the movies so we made a little dinner and movie night of our HP movie night. After buying our tickets at Hoyts Broadway we went to Flying Fajita Sisters ("FFS") for a quick dinner beforehand. Glebe Point Road is only a hop, skip and a jump away (or a walk down a ramp) from Broadway Shopping Centre and is bursting with cute little exotic eateries. I have spied mexican, spanish, nepalese and red chilli hotpot around that street and that's only a small portion of Glebe Point Road! With no booking on a busy Saturday night it was just our luck that we walked into FFS and someone had just cancelled their booking and we were seated straight away. 
For such a chilly night I really felt like something meaty and we both ordered chimichangas (mine with beef and my friend's with chicken).  Forgive me for my ignorance here for a minute as I'm not a food expert/editor/critic I never seem to remember which one is which: tacos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, chimichangas...So when I'm at a mexican restaurant I kinda just choose whichever and hope for the best and sometimes whatever I ordered is not what I had in mind. But this time I managed to choose right! I loved the crispiness of the wrap and how everything didn't spill out as soon as I cut into it! Paired it with some sangria....PERFECTO! I would have done a CHEERS to Harry if I could order some butterbeer...

Monday, July 25, 2011

I don't cry. I Pastizzi & Pasta Cafe, Newtown

People say that Sydney is small and I agree. But on nights when I'm brought to an eatery in a section of Sydney I never really venture to I realise something. Whilst Sydney may be small but it's bursting with so many eateries that I don't think I'll ever finish trying all of them if I never leave this place and eat at a new joint every single day. 
The Newtown area of Sydney is famous for the huge variety of eateries lining King Street but if you move a bit further up to St Peters towards the airport to the quieter section of King Street in the area of St Peters you'd find a couple of small establishments perfect for a casual night out such as Pastizzi (and more parking I reckon!)

Pastizzi is one of those places I must have driven past on King Street many a times and not even notice. To be honest I've never really walked this section of King Street! We caught a train to St Peters station and walked down towards Newtown and passed up a couple of cute stores (including a cookies shop decked out with pastel-coloured interiors which I plan to visit, conquer and blog!
According to my friend who brought me here this place is known for what it's called- the pastizzis! Lots of different fillings: meat and curry, vegetarian and even sweet ones! I would have loved to try every single pastizzi but that would have been overdoing it considering we only had 6 of us and each of us were getting a pasta main each!
the friendly staff who happily posed for the blog :)
open pastizzi!!!!
The pastas were excellent! I don't usually order boscaiola as the pasta sauce mainly cos almost every experience I've had with that sauce the sauce always turns out bland but for some reason (called the non-stop rain, wind and chill of the Sydney winter!) I wanted something creamy and cheesy and decided to live dangerously. And to my surprise it was flavoursome, just the right amount of cheesy and the chef was tres generous with the mushrooms and bacon *happy face*
Don't worry! I managed to snap some shots of everyone's orders before they bulldozed their meals (I usually feel a little bit bad at group food outings as I'm often the annoying one who screeches "DON'T EAT IT YET! I NEED TO TAKE A PHOTO!"...To all my food bloggers, gimme a 'Hellz yeah" if you know what I mean...)
hmmm can't remember what this one was?
4 cheese gnocchi
Ok, ONE THING I have to say about the gnocchi - O.M.G. My friend let me taste some of her gnocchi and I had food envy...You know, that moment where you think "DAMMIT! I should have ordered that one instead."
Of course I wasn't going to leave this place without trying one of their desserts and coffees. Tiramisus, sweet pastizzis, shortbreads- what to do!? I saw the luscious tiramisu in the fridge...the taste buds were willing but the digestive system was not. I opted for the shortbread which was just right for all that creamy pasta goodness. I also ordered their affagato as I've also been having a bit of an affagato fetish lately: coffee and ice cream together- whoever thought of that is genius.
And for such a cool casual eatery I have to say the decor is pretty swish. LOVE the oversized gold frame mirror and chandelier.
Hope you've been keeping your tummies warm with some good wintery foods like pastas and pastizzis! 


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Monday, July 18, 2011

I don't cry. I bake...Apple Streusel

Winter: Some days I long for long hot summer days. And some days I just love an excuse to bake something warm and perfect for a cold winter's day. Sydney winters are never awful though. I guess if you were in London a gloomy day like today would be a London summer day. Not that I would know because I've never been to London *sad face*. 
A friend of mine who moved to London recently has been reporting back to me about the bakeries and the amazing sweet baked goods that London has to offer. All I can do is hear about it and salivate! But being the sweet and wonderful friend she is, since I can't get to London she brought a little piece of London to me! And it's not even my birthday! Presents for no reason at all are the best kind, wouldn't you agree? :)

My friend did give it to me on one condition though- that I make something from it and post it on the blog. But it was the hardest decision ever! Pies, cookies, cupcakes, whoopie pies, Guinness Chocolate Cake- WHICH ONE????

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I don't cry. I decorate...a cream and fruit cake!

Things have been so busy lately with my day job that I find it a job in itself to just find some down time. And by down time I mean having nothing planned, lazing around the house and watching my favourite DVDs. But when it comes to decorating a cake for a friend's 30th birthday I'm happy to put chillaxing in the back seat because I do find cake things very relaxing (even though it gives my arms a great workout!) ^_^

So when my friend asked me to make her 30th birthday cake for her I was not only flattered but really grateful that she trusted me with it...especially when I've never done a cream and fruit spongy cake! I've been pretty slack with my fruit intake lately. Might not be a bad idea to make myself eat some fruit salad in the process!

whip it, baby, whip it!

layering up 
Despite it sounding so simple, I found putting together cream and fruit is not as simple as putting together ganache and fondant on cake. I know...sounds strange right? But because there are so many elements like whipping the cream, putting the fruit in the cake and the fact that sponge is not as sturdy as a thick mud cake I felt the nerves the week of having to make the cake...which might explain why I had a few too many the night before having to put it together! *hicc*