Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I don't cry. I eat...at Made In Italy


Brrrrr! With winter in full swing in Sydney there's no doubt you'll be cuddling up on the couch or in front of the fireplace. But when you have those nights when you just wanna go out and get a nice warm meal on a rainy night, cosy warm delicious Italian is never far away from you if you're living in Sydney.

A very casual but cool establishment just on the edge of the city Made In Italy went from local takeaway a few years ago to classy Italian restaurant. Now that there are 2 takeaway joints and a restaurant it's only a hop and a skip away for city residents to get their Italian fix from MIT (what me and my friends call it for short). 
The Vespa welcomes thee!

No this car isn't parked in the wrong spot. It is inside the restaurant
vino, anyone?

As you can see this place has some awesome decor! I love the atmosphere and the long tables where you are likely to find yourselves sharing a table with another dinner party giving that family feel!

Oh, and the food? Well, I'm no food critic so I'm not gonna rave on about how the pasta is cooked and how the flavours are this and that. I'll just let my photos do the talking :)
zucchini flowers
pesto spaghetti

arabiatta fettucine

can't remember but it had porcini mushrooms!

and my favourite: Gorgonzola Gnocchi
And with desserts...i'm just lost for words except for one: BELLISSIMO!!!!


the 4 tenors ready to make music in your mouths
An inside look into the tiramisu....
Whether you're after a casual family night out or a birthday dinner party MIT is perfect for it! The waiters will even sing happy birthday to you!

And check out the cutest menu cover ever!

Hope you're all keeping warm, Sydneysiders! Loads of nasty bugs out there. I know cos I caught one last week! But MIT made it all better on the weekend :)

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  1. i bought takeway there last time.. they gave me the wrong salad and sauce... i even paid extra $ for sauce*cry*

  2. this place is awesome! do u know that the baby on the menu is the owner's son? and the little red car is for him to drive when he grows up hehe~!

  3. Wow! All that food looks bellissimo! So much awesomeness.

  4. I love Italian restaurant. always yummy food there.

  5. There's a small takaway version of MIL near Wynyard and I've always wondered if they're any good. Will have to go to the eat-in instead. Love Italian food and who can resist seeing a car inside?